Rebuilding Apple G3 (Wallstreet) Li batteries

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Rebuilding Apple G3 (Wallstreet) Li batteries

Noting some other lively interchanges on the subject of rebuilding Apple powerbook rechargeable batteries, like many others out there with respectably ageing (but too good to throw away) G3 Powerbooks, find I'm being asked to pay ridiculous prices for replacement M4685 Lithium Ion battery. I expect that the proprietary warnings are aimed at promoting sales of new batteries.
Has any tech genius found the right components (cells) and a safe, economic method of disassembling and rebuilding this battery?
Pics especially, would be great.

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You should be able to get the

You should be able to get the model numbers off the original cells and find similar replacements. Then, it's knowing if the originals are either soldered or welded together. They are liekly welded. You could check with a local electronics shop for somebody who does battery welding. They might be able to do it in a quick 5-min job if you have everything thing else setup already.

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my luck

i payed for a new battery and it died in less than a year

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