wallstreet dvdrom module + decoder ?

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wallstreet dvdrom module + decoder ?

(sorry if this sounds more of a ranting post than a wanted request, wasn't sure if it would fit here or rather in the ppc forum area)

seeing gobabushka's wtb post reminded me of this again, the few months before that I tried to hunt down the the two items almost all over north america online is: why is it so difficult to even find the drive+card for not more than $80usd at all?

personally for me myself, I think that the $100+ prices most people ask is a bit too absurb when for that cost I could have just gotten a ZV card and an used portable dvd player plugged into the card to play dvd movies, bonus being saving the powerbook's battery life as well.

this post being from a powerbook user only has a cdrom drive alone now Smile