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KR9600 Tester

The KR9600-PRO keyboard encoder has a bug of sorts.

So does the AY-5-3600-PRO keyboard encoder, according to page 7-12 of Understanding the Apple IIe by James Sather.

But despite being a drop-in replacement for the KR9600-PRO and AY-5-3600-PRO, the JCM-1 does not exhibit the aforementioned bug.  Well done!

Two-disk replica of Prince of Persia

A recent discussion of a buggy crack for Lords of Conquest raised the issue of preserving the original bits from protected software.

So I'm exploring a different approach -- instead of patching games to bypass copy-protection code (ie: 'cracking') why not devise methods of satisfying the copy-protection checks without patching the code?

Side-by-side graphics/text windows

This blogpost is a partial-transcript of a discussion from Apple2Infinitum on Slack, which was spawned from an even older Facebook thread.  Since it isn't easy to view the old discussions on Slack and Facebook, I've copy-pasted the messages, pictures, and code blocks below...


Scott Elliott Sep 3rd 11:29:17 AM



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