Submitting content to Applefritter

Want to contribute to Applefritter? Have a hack, project, guide, review, or documentary you want to share? To get your article online quickly, follow these submission guidelines.


Be thorough. If you're documenting a process, explain each step. Intersperse graphics as appropriate. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Do not be shy about submitting something you think is too simple or too easy.


It is important that quality photographs be taken throughout your project. Take pictures at each progression, and then decide later which ones should be included in the final presentation (probably most of them).

The background should be free of clutter and distraction.


In order to upload content, you must first register.

Once registered, create a new story.

  • The "Title" is the name of your article as it will appear in all listings and at the top of your page.
  • Choose the appropriate "Content Type".
  • If your article is relevant to a particular type of computer, choose it from the "Computer Types" list. Multiple selections are acceptable.
  • Choose the manufacturer of the device you're describing from the Manufacturer list. If inapplicable, leave this field blank.
  • Type or paste in your story.
  • Use the Media Library in the toolbar to upload and insert your images.
  • Spellcheck!
  • Preview your submission.
  • When everything is satisfactory, submit.
  • Contact me with the name of your story, so I can publish it.