Computer Hobbyvereniging Eindhoven CHE-1

CHE 1 - Front
A Dutch clone, designed and built by a hobbyist club.

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BASIS - front
Built and marketed in Germany, the Basis 108 sported a Z-80 processor in addition to a 6502.

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Bell & Howell Apple II+

Bell & Howell - Front
The Apple II goes undercover.

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OK - I'm stumped - What is a SARAsaur?

Anyone who still loves the Apple /// as a great computer!

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What does it take to surf the Internet with the ///?

In most areas of the United States, Internet host access is
available for under $20.00 a month. Similar services for similar
prices can be found in most places in the world. Normally called
"shell" access, an Internet provider generates an account for you on
their host(s). Then, using the Apple ///, a modem, and a
communications program such as Access /// or The Communications
Manager, you call into their host and begin using the programs above
in any combination to explore the Internet. In some areas popular
systems known as FreeNets are available. These offer free, text-based
access to the Internet and generally have the same capabilities as

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What is the Apple /// Software Development Fund?

Established by Washington Apple Pi, the SDF is used to help fund
specific software projects for the ///. Through donations and
contributions from WAP and ATUNC (the old Apple Three Users of
Northern California), the SDF helped fund the development of a
Superdrive driver and BOS3 - the first upgrade to SOS in some 10
years. Although hopes to fund a new communications program are on
hold, we are working on some other projects - including a driver for
the popular ZIP Drive (a definate go!).

The SDF also provides encouragement and support to programmers
working on Apple // projects we think may be able to have an Apple

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Can the /// access the Internet?

You bet! The /// and its communications software is definitely
equal to the task of accessing an Internet host to "surf the
Internet". In fact, internet access via the /// is both viable and
enjoyable. The lack of graphics seldom is a barrier.

The world's most popular Internet hosts are still Unix computer
systems. Unix systems have traditionally integrated well into the
Internet, and plenty of text-based Internet software is available on
these hosts to enable your Apple /// to become a powerful Internet

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What about modems?

You can connect just about any speed modem to the ///, but the
terminal programs above have settings that only go up to 9600 baud.

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What kind of communications software is available?

There were a number of communications programs produced for the
Apple /// over the years, but there are three generally considered to
be the best:

a) Access /// Interp Version: An excellent assembly-language terminal
program that can provide VT100 emulation. Scripts can be used to
automate log-ons to Compuserve and other on-line services. It does
NOT offer Xmodem protocol. It is available in the WAP /// SIG PD
library as disk 3TEL-02 (which includes an excellent Apple ///
communications tutorial).

b) XMODEM /// is also in the WAP PD - an excellent stand-alone
telecom program that offers the user XMODEM protocol for error-free

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What about technical materials?

Apple produced a /// Service Manual that includes schematics,
information, service tips, etc., along with a host of Technical
Notes. WAP has a copy of the Service Manual and can make copies for
those interested. The cost for a copy of the double-sided manual
(printing + P&H) is $75.00 (the manual is huge). All the Apple ///
Tech Notes are available on Apple's EWorld On-Line Service. WAP is
working to convert the information into a set of PD disks for the ///
PD library, since EWorld is only available to Mac or (soon) PC Users.

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