What kind of communications software is available?

There were a number of communications programs produced for the
Apple /// over the years, but there are three generally considered to
be the best:

a) Access /// Interp Version: An excellent assembly-language terminal
program that can provide VT100 emulation. Scripts can be used to
automate log-ons to Compuserve and other on-line services. It does
NOT offer Xmodem protocol. It is available in the WAP /// SIG PD
library as disk 3TEL-02 (which includes an excellent Apple ///
communications tutorial).

b) XMODEM /// is also in the WAP PD - an excellent stand-alone
telecom program that offers the user XMODEM protocol for error-free
downlaods and uploads. Disk 3TEL-05. Manual is on disk

c) The Communications Manager is a commercial program available from
On Three (Joe Consorti). It is the best /// communications program
ever produced and offers a host of features, including XModem and
turbo downloading capabilities. It can be run as a stand-alone
program or as a Desktop Manager module (call for the latest

Please see the Apple ///
Communications FAQ (by Al Bloom and others) for more details
about telecommunications on the Apple ///.

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