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She tapped Lucia's thigh, "I give." Lucia relaxed her legs and Rhonda lay on her back, puffing hard. "It's been a long damn time since another woman beat me," she panted. Lucia got up and sat on Rhonda's stomach. She bent down and kissed her, then sat up slightly, about a foot away from Rhonda's face. "I want to fuck you so bad right now. Mistress Dark, how long until supper?" Lucia asked. "Scott won't be here for another 45 minutes," MD said. Lucia leaned down and kissed her again. "Plenty of time. Right here, right now, or do you want to shower first?" Rhonda looked around at the seven other people in the room. Lucia laughed. "You're shy. Could you please give us a little privacy, please?" Lucia called out. "She wants to do it now, but without an audience." As we filed out of the room, Lucia was sliding down Rhonda's sweat soaked body and those long legs were going around her head. ****** Lucia and Rhonda recovered enough to shower and join us for supper. Janet left to feed Chen prior to the poker game, but Reneé was here. Since Master was home, Rhonda was somewhat attired. By somewhat, I mean she was wearing a thin t-shirt over her small boobs and some brief cotton panties. Her prominent nipples made cute bumps on her tee. Master didn't make a big deal about her being at the dinner table with us. He greeted her as if she were a member of the family, though still calling her Sergeant Meadows as he wasn't here when she told us her first name. She told him he could call her Rhonda. This is the first time in awhile that I was Master's slave to play with so I sat in his lap and he fed me. In deference to Rhonda, he was wearing shorts, though they didn't hide the fact he was sporting an erection. When the meal concluded, he gave me two orgasms by finger fucking me as he usually did when he fed one of his slaves. Rhonda was somewhat surprised by the blatant sexuality of it all, but also aroused, as evidenced by the damp spot on her panties. No one was too surprised when she and Lucia disappeared immediately after supper. Reneé left, looking like Jerry would get a good fucking later. Master had the same idea and after we'd helped clean up after supper, we were all in the room next to theirs banging as well. Master had Lisa and I lined up on our hands and knees on the bed next to each other and fucked first one, then the other. He finally ended injecting his cum into me, Lisa cleaning us both up. Since the room was on the small side and Rhonda and Lucia were making too much noise to rest, we got up and joined Mistress Dark and the others in her dungeon. Mistress Dark was leaning back in a comfortable chair while all three of the slaves in training took turns licking her cunt to improve their skills. While they were working on her, Slut would fuck their asses with a big strap on. The male was in his cock cage, fighting the urge to get an erection. MD had a riding crop. Every time they slacked, the crop came down on their backsides. The male had the most red marks on his. Fighting his urge to get hard while licking cunt and getting pegged not doing much for his concentration. I showed Master the photos of our house Reneé sent me. He was getting angrier at Jack as he looked at each picture. "I want him out of my life so bad I can taste it," he said. "I'll call the insurance company tomorrow, sir," I said, "get started on the paperwork." "We'll need a copy of the police report." "We'll tell Rhonda before she leaves. Master, you should have seen the fight between her and Lucia. It was incredible. It looked like an action movie. Rhonda started in skin tight clothing and Lucia was naked. About halfway through, Rhonda stripped off her clothes as well. Lucia finally got her in a submission hold and Rhonda had to yield. Then, they couldn't wait to have sex. Kicked us out of the exercise room so they could get started. Everyone was horny afterward." "I'd liked to have seen it. Nothing like a good catfight between two naked women." "Not much like a catfight, Master," Lisa said. "No hair pulling or rolling around on the ground trying to strangle each other. It was more like an MMA fight. Kicks and punches so fast you could hardly see them . Some throws and holds, but neither of them could get much of a grip on one another. It was amazing." "Has Lucia had the opportunity to ask Sergeant Meadows about trying to trap Jack?" "We haven't had a chance to speak to her much, Master," I said. "I'm sure she's spoken of it, as she's looking after us." "I imagine she has, but the sooner this is over, the better I'd like it." "Me too, sir. Mistress Dark, may I please ask a question of you." Mistress Dark sighed through another orgasm. "Of course, slave. Ask." "Have you ever used hot wax, Mistress Dark." "Yes, why do you wish to know?" "Janet has stated she has an interest in experiencing it. I know nothing about it. I'd like to know in order to show her." "Would you like to experience it yourself?" "How painful is it, Mistress." "No more painful than a whipping if done right." "Then yes, show me what it's like." "Scott. Your permission is required." "If Julia wants to try it out, I have no objection. Lisa, would you like to try it as well," Master asked. "Yes, sir." "They're both yours to wax," Master said. "Rose, Slut, fasten them down on the benches," she ordered. "Then bring me one of the big red candles." "Yes, Mistress," they both answered. Rose led me to one of the padded benches in the dungeon, Lisa was led to the other. She fastened my cuffs to the table securing me down. Immediately, as with all other times I was tied down, I felt myself become wetter. Rose kissed me on the lips. "Will it hurt," I whispered. "Less than The Enforcer," she whispered back, and went for a candle. When we were prepared, Mistress Dark and Master wandered over. Master stood between the two benches and fondled our breasts as MD explained the process. "Different waxes and paraffins melt at different temperatures, so every time you start with a new candle, you want to test it as you would a new paddle or other punishment device; on yourself. As the wax drips off the candle, away from the flame, it starts immediately to cool. The further it drops, the more time it has to cool. The closer you are to the skin you're dripping it onto, the more it will burn. You want it to sting, as you would the whip, but you don't want it to leave permanent burns." Mistress Dark was handed a propane lighter and she lit the candle. She had to wait for hot wax to form in the top of the candle. As she waited, she further explained, "I'm familiar with these candles and the general height is approximately three feet over the surface to be dripped on, but I want you to experience this yourself. Hold up your leg." Master lifted his leg and from about three feet up, she poured a little hot wax onto his thigh. Master flinched, but he didn't make a sound, prepared for it. "Just as with the whip, some areas are more sensitive then others due to the increase nerve ending around them," she explained. "Three feet will still work without doing any damage, but it will hurt more dripped onto the breasts around the nipples and onto the vulva, so you can take that into consideration. You may wish to hold the candle higher in those areas so the relative level of pain remains the same. Rose, Slut, give these two slaves an orgasm to increase their endorphin levels." Rose bent over me on the bench and started licking my slit. Due to my increased excitement, it only took a few minutes before I was writhing in orgasmic pleasure. When my spasms ended, she stopped. Lisa was going through the same, moaning as Slut sent her over the edge. It was already worth it to me. "I'll do this slave, Scott. I want you to do Lisa so you can get used to it." "Yes, Michelle." Holding the candle three feet over my stomach, Mistress Dark poured a little of it's contents onto me. The wax landed, there was an immediate burning sensation which quickly ended as it cooled. The wax formed a wax shield as it cooled. "Of course, pouring wax over wax, you can bring it closer as the wax protects the skin, so you'll usually move the candle to a new area to pour more." More wax dripped onto a new area of my stomach. I stirred uncomfortably. It hurt, but not badly, and the pain quickly dissipated. "You can lower the candle slightly to increase the burning sensation." She demonstrated on me and indeed, the pain lasted slightly longer. "Or raise it for more sensitive areas." She dripped some wax on my breast. I moaned. She waited until that wax cooled to the little crust, then lowered the candle and poured more in the same spot. I could feel the new hot wax drip on me, but the warmth was less, protected by the previous dripping. It formed a thicker crust. Mistress Dark flicked off the waxy layer from my breast. "You can remove the old wax for a new sensation. It's already been sensitized by the previous wax. It's pink, like a very mild sunburn, so more to the same area stings slightly worse." She dripped more onto the same spot and I groaned. It both burned and felt good. I felt myself becoming more liquid, my cunt like the hot wax itself, warm and wet. She dripped some on my nipple from a slightly greater height. I was close to cumming. She lowered back to three and dropped some on the other nipple. Burning, oh, so close . Dripping more in a string down my stomach, getting closer to my cunt. I closed my eyes. The dripping stopped. Wasn't she going to drip some on my pussy? "Are you ready to cum, slave?" Mistress Dark asked me. "Oh, yes, Mistress. Please let me cum." Rhonda and Lucia came in, saw us all crowded together. Rhonda was modestly dressed again. I wondered if she'd wear anything if only women were here. They walked over to see what we were doing. Saw Mistress Dark tip the candle and hot wax spill on my clit, saw me cum, bucking agains my bonds, moaning. "You people are into some weird shit," Rhonda said. "Weirder than you and Lucia wanting to have sex after beating each other up?" Mistress Dark asked. Rhonda laughed. "A little weirder than that, yeah." "Would you like to try it?" Mistress Dark asked. "No time. Normally, I'd say no fucking way, on general principles, if I hadn't seen her cum just now. But I need to shower and go to work soon." Lucia put her arm around Rhonda and kissed her. "You might not be able to cum like Julia does." "Why not?" "She's a sex slave and always close to cumming. Plus, we sex slaves usually like a little pain with our pleasure." "Is that why you wanted me to spank you?" So, Lucia let Rhonda spank her. Interesting. "Yes, and you saw how easily I orgasmed when you did. It's the act of submission we get off on." "Did you talk to Sergeant Meadows about trying to set a trap for Jack?" Master asked Lucia. Rose was releasing me as they talked. My feet first, then my hands. I sat up, some of the wax flaking off. I could see doing this to Janet. She'd probably enjoy it as much as I had. I stood beside Rose, listening, my hand around her waist. "She did," Rhonda responded. "I'll talk to Detective Riley and my superiors. We don't like to use civilians as bait, but perhaps we can come up with something we can all live with." "If you can get permission for two of us civilians to drive off in your police cars, I might have a way," Lucia said. "How?" Rhonda asked, intrigued. "Have two officers a car drive us up to Master Scott's house in daylight. Everyone gets out and goes into the house. Inside, we wait until it's late, well after dark. In the meantime we put on the officers uniforms and around eleven, get into the two squad cars and drive off, leaving four policemen in the house. If he tries breaking in, four armed officers are waiting." "What if he's got night vision goggles?" Rhonda asked. "I'm assuming you've frozen his accounts. He can't have a ton of money now. He's lost places to stay and his vehicle. He might have had night gear from before, but if he's had to buy it recently, it would have to be cheap, unless he has a ton of cash. He's had to replace sleeping bags, maybe get a tent, eat. Plus, most civilian issue isn't great, unless you spend a ton of money on it. You can see mostly heat signatures or body outlines, and if they're relatively the same size and we have the hats and uniforms on, he might not be able to get significant details. What he'll know is eight people went into the house and four people left in two squad cars. Assuming he would believe we can't drive off in squad cars, it might be enough to pull it off. We'd have to come back when it's still dark and do the same thing in reverse, like you're collecting us to bring us back to a safe house, but it might work. Even if he followed the squad cars afterward to see where you were bringing us, that might work to trap him too." "Depending on how good his night vision gear was, if he even had any, that could work," Rhonda said, considering. "I will talk to the bosses about this plan. It has potential. I need to get going. I still need a shower or I'll stink of sex." "It doesn't bother me any," Lucia said, smiling. "My coworkers don't need any more encouragement," Rhonda said. "They already hit on me too much. Even the fact I'm an avowed lesbian doesn't keep some from trying. The women, at least, behave with a bit more decorum." "Do you get much hassle for being a lesbian?" Master asked. "Not much anymore. Some when I was a rookie and the first couple years. Almost none now I'm a sergeant. More and more people coming out has helped. Even some of the gay cops are coming out, though they have trouble getting partners if they do. Some of the men seem to think their partner will attack them or something. It's pathetic really. Maybe you can scrub my back, Lucia?" "Of course. More parts if you want." "Well," Mistress Dark said, "back to the business at hand. Your turn to practice on Lisa, Scott." She handed the burning candle to Master. Lisa climaxed too. ****** SCOTT I was perfectly willing to set myself up as bait for Jack, though it might be stupid to do so. After all, I was going to be a father, but this waiting for him to be caught was killing me. Patience was never a particular strong suit with me. Lucia had come up with a possible plan, but it depended on the police approving it. I hoped they would, but I was sick of waiting. Mistress Dark handed me the candle. I tried it out again on myself. Roughly three feet over my leg and dropped some on my thigh. It was manageable, so I started with Lisa's belly. I loved the way she squirmed. I did it on her stomach for awhile until she had cool patches of wax all over. I even made a smiley face with her belly button as a nose. Her thighs were next. Near her pussy, but not on it. She was wet. Her cunt glistened in the light. I kissed it and ran my tongue up her slit, gathering her juices on my tongue. She squirmed some more. Delicious. I moved up to her chest. Dripping wax on her upper chest near her neck. Then on the bottom slope of her breasts. She was moaning, so I helped her, suckling her nipples, turning them into turgid peaks covered in my saliva. Splash, tipping the candle over and dribbling some on her nipples. Her moans grew deeper, almost a growl. Let the wax congeal, harden, picked it off, suckled again. "I need to cum, Master. Please let me cum," Lisa begged. "You may cum whenever," I said. "Stop teasing me, sir." I kissed her mound, near her clit, hard and demanding, but ignoring it. Spilled some more wax where I'd kissed, the hot liquid dripping down the slope toward her slit, but stopping, cooling and hardening before it reached the goal. She moaned in frustration. Adding some more, running down, closer. "Please, Master." Spilling more, it slithered over the last cool wax and touched her clit. Lisa spasmed, whimpering, her pussy pulsing, contractions. Added more wax, seeping down her slit, her tremors continuing. Set down the candle, inserted two fingers into the swamp of her sheathe and finger fucked her to another, more powerful, orgasm, her hips thrusting towards me, trying to get me deeper. "Oh, fuck me," she mumbled. "Stick your cock in me sir. Please, fuck me ." Pulling off my shorts, crawling onto the bench and ramming my cock into her, driving deep. Fucking her hard for five minutes, feeling her orgasm on my prick a couple more times before I felt my balls and prick pulsing a flood of white cream into her. Fucking her through the orgasm until the last twitch of my shaft. "I must say, Scott," Mistress Dark said, "that looked like a lot of fun." "It was," I panted, my shaft shrinking and finally falling out of its second home. I kissed Lisa's lips. She was gasping like I was, breathless. I climbed down off the bench and Julia cleaned me off while I patted her head. When I was clean, she did the same for Lisa, then released her from the bench, kissing her as she did, hugging each other. They truly did care for each other. Lucia came back, damp from her shower. "Did the Sergeant leave?" I asked. "Just left. She'll leave a message for Detective Riley and speak to her night supervisor to be passed on to the precinct commander. We'll see what happens." "Lucia, since I haven't been with my wife the last two nights, I'm sending Lisa to spend the night with you." I grabbed Julia's hand and started pulling her to the bedroom at a rapid pace. Lucia's and Lisa's voice came floating after me. "Have fun, Master." Damn straight, I would. As soon as I got her to the bedroom, I hooked her upright to the bed, spread eagled, taking advantage of the rooms purpose, the control of slaves. Julia was breathing hard, both from the hasty walk and her sudden helplessness. I started digging through our bags for The Enforcer. "Are you going to punish me, Master?" Julia asked. "Yes." Ah, found it. I pulled it out and showed it to my slave. "Is this the punishment I was promised for depriving you of my services for two nights?" "Yes, and for attempting to take Mistress Dark's slaves and for having to wear eight cane strokes on your backside." They were still visible, still red, slight welts under my finger tips. "And for being a damn sexy slave who tempts me no end and I love to punish. After I give you forty strokes with The Enforcer, I'm going to fuck your impertinent ass and deposit a load of cum so deep, you'll still be shitting it out in a week." "Yes, Master. I want you to. I want you to own my ass and remind me how much I love you and never want to lose you." "Oh, don't worry. I will demonstrate to you how much I own this ass." I patted the aforesaid ass. "It's mine." Before I started, I used the dildo shaped handle to fuck her to an orgasm. Forty was going to be rough on her. It took three minutes before she was thrashing against her bonds, cumming hard. I made her lick the handle clean and took my position behind her. "Keep count and thank me for each one." The first one smacked her buttocks and she shook. It was harder than normal. "One, thank you, sir." Swat. "Two, thank you, sir." With each stroke, she quivered, counted and thanked me. It only took six strokes for her buttocks to have turned red. Fifteen and she was crying quite loudly, though still counting, still thanking me. I knew her bottom had to be hurting now, but she proceeded gamely as each one fell. After twenty-five, I shifted down to the backs of her thighs and the crease between legs and bum, until they were as red as her ass, then moved back up to her bottom for the last five. She was sniveling hard when I finished, but still counting. "Forty, thank you, sir." Without further word , I released her arms, bent her over the bed and plunged into her heated pussy, soaking my cock in her juices.


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