How and Why Canon fixed my PowerShot A60

I just wanted to post this little bit about Canon, because you rarely see people go on and on about something GOOD that a company has done. Canon has treated us very well. I like my PowerShot A60 and can now continue to use it.

SE30 on the internet

I'm posting this bog entry from my se30 with it's ethernet card. I'm logged into my powerbook g3 through ssh and i'm using the "links" text only browser, it surfs quite fast and has support for tables. I hope to get my Mac plus doing this sometime, i like the idea of booting off a floppy or two and surfing the internet noiselessly.

Pictures Available

I have uploaded a couple of pictures. Look at my image gallery.

almost done with the G3 project

i went from this:

to this:

to this:

and hopefully this:

Oh, well

Come to find out, the issue with the floppy is not the floppy at all. The system will refuse to boot ProDOS whenever there are two storage devices. I have a total of three storage devices, LPC ROM, HDT file located on a PC using a serial port, and the floppy. I have been using the LPC disk for booting. I tried a test, I booted using the LPC drive and I disabled the floppy.

AIO to minitower project entry (big pictures!)

as i have posted on the forum, i am going to be taking my AIO's contents and throwing them into a Beige G3 MiniTower. I am just testing some things, should i need to do some unexpected stuff.

This is the Sled out of the AIO running on a compaq PSU:

From AIO to minitower. The body switch identity crisis

My AIO is having an identity crisis, and has decided to go thru a body change operation. As you have seen, i have been buying parts for a G3 minitower Project. So far, i have on order is a Tower, and a Bezel and Wings card for a desktop. I received my MUCH needed DB15 to HD15 adapter today in the mail. For only $6.53 USD Shipped off of eBay.

Stuff to wonder about.

I just found out that Richard Kyanka (founder of Something Awful) is living a few miles away in my hometown of Lee's Summit, MO. Maybe I never knew this before, because I never read SA. Or Fark. Or any other of the popular odd sites, other than BME.

Ouch!...i got bit by the bug...

...the Commodore 64 bug to be exact, I'm having an awesome time using mine, too bad I cant have a portable one to take with me where ever I want though. or can I...


I have been unable to fix the booting issue with the floppy. When the floppy ROM is loaded, ProDOS refuses to boot. Without the ROM, ProDOS happily boots from the LPC ROM all the way into the BASIC Interpreter. From there I am able to copy files from the ROM drive to the /RAM drive in the second 64K memory bank. The 80 column text screen works perfectly also.

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