Success at last

A lot of crying

Again crying / testing about the same.


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It's all over excpt the crying

Crying .... Testing

Getting closer

It is alive

Well...mostly. Yesterday it looked like it was trying to boot. I was getting a ] at the bottom of the screen when I hit the RESET button. But the screen would not clear and the keyboard was not working. I should have cycled power and I would have gotten the screen to clear. Something about cold booting and warm booting. Today I fixed the keyboard, except for the space bar.


I've got a backlog of projects, including:

1) Get my QRAM 1M Apple //e card tested and installed

2) build out my replica 1 Kit

3) Get 6 Apple 2s hooked together for some Music
synthesis, I've got 2 MIDI cards kits, but need
some 6850 and other chips.

I've got one Mountain Computer Music System (with light pen!)
Also have 2 Novation Apple-Cat cards now (8-bit D/A for more

latest happenings....

actually its not going to be an aio when im done but im using all the guts from one except the crt. i managed to get mine apart today and make it work with only the essentials, including the personality card and internal speakers. im using my B&W's ati rage 16mb card for the sake of not having to buy a video adapter and more graphic power.

Help my ipod mini can't be read from or written to

Hello my ipod mini says it can't be read from or written too please help reply back to

P.S can the battery be the problem i restored it and all and it still won't work

Thnaks in advance

Joshua Tucker

Audiophiles unite!

So, how can I get the absolute highest quality files from my CDs when I import them?

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