Back Online

After a while with no internet, I'm glad to be back.

I've finally got my first computer job!

The Macintosh Portable

Took delivery of a skidload of apple stuff just before xmas as i knew i would have some time then. Fixed up the imacs and B & W's to dispose off and broke up most of the other stuff into the parts bins. Did get some nice old bits, including some machines i have not owned before like an 8550 (appleshare file server) an 8500 MP, a 5300 and two 3400 powerbooks, which should prove interesting.

Connie, my 8600 PM

Connie, as I have lovingly named my 8600 PM, has a few upgrades. Because I can (my mantra), I am documenting in this blog, what has been done and what is planned or in process.

**This post is a work in progress and is being updated as I record correct specs and change hardware.**

My Apple Tale.

My story is a long one, but it aptly describes my life with Mac's. It is a tale of happiness, betrayal, sadness, *looks behind self* (does that sound good?...I guess so...whatever) *faces keyboard* Anyways... My tale begins long ago in the far away year of 1993. I was only 5 years old at the time. I was living in the carefree, yet idiotic years of my youth.

Personal Venture in the Forum Industry

Oh the woes of running a forum...


g3 all in one

The zbox project

The zbox project - a small form factor games box for the family room

test post

nothing to see here. keep moving. move it along. nothing to see.

Apple iBook Clamshell G3

I have been doing research on the Apple iBook Clamshell, and want to know if anybody has a Clamshell for sale or has any links to informational sites about the Clamshell. Please comment! Thanks!

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