My Latest Apple-1 Plexiglass case...

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Well some of you know that I donated one of my Mimeo's to the MARCH vintage computer museum in Wall NJ at the InfoAge science center (recently add to the National Historic Landmark list)


MARCH has been using the computer as part of their exhibit when they do shows like World Maker Faire and HOPE. Well I never really intended the case that I gave them to be moved much. It was my first clear case and was actually lexan glued together. After that case I swore I never would build another case that required glue, so I moved on to plexiglass and the blowtorch with hand bent custom cases.

I decided I didn't want to make them a two piece case like my own with a separate keyboard enclosure since they move it so much. And strength is important, so I also decided I needed some aluminum supports.

So I took a trip to Home Depot, grabbed a nice and large piece of 1/4 acrylic plexiglass, my table saw, a jig saw and of course the blowtorch...

This new case is a single piece of acrylic. I'm not going to say how it opens to take the board, powersupply and keyboard in and out, but it works. It also allowed me to downsize the cooling fans to a single small quiet fan because of all the air spaces.


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Re: My Latest Apple-1 Plexiglass case...

Hello Corey,

CONGRATULATIONS! This one beats both previous cases ! It´s awsome !

sincerely speedyG


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Re: My Latest Apple-1 Plexiglass case...

Yeah, SpeedG, agree, I like this one, case from one piece of plexiglass. Apple 1 version of Macbook Pro unibody.


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Re: My Latest Apple-1 Plexiglass case...

AMAZING!!! I love it!! I would love to have one of these cases for my replica.. if you ever take orders Wink

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Re: My Latest Apple-1 Plexiglass case...

It is absolutely COOL! Smile


Steven (gsmcten)

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Re: My Latest Apple-1 Plexiglass case...

Very cool! Museums and libraries around the world would want a display model like that. There's a big market waiting for you there.