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Applefritter's new server

Applefritter's new server, a Mac mini at digital.forest, is now live.

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The Data Domain

An interview with Ray Borril, founder of the Data Domain and one of the first resellers of the Apple I. In the era of the Altair, Borril "listened to Steve's sales pitch and it seemed like a good idea to be able to offer a computer that did not require any soldering skill."

Letter from Stan Veit

This letter is from Stan Veit, former owner of The Computer Mart of New York, the third person Steve Jobs sold an Apple 1 to, and Apple's third dealer. It was sent to Joe Torzewski of the Apple One Library.

Beta Testing with the Apple Server Group

Deep Dish - front
Chuck Goolsbee tells of his experiences beta testing with the Apple Server Group.

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