Outbound Systems Card for Mac Plus

First post. Tom asked me to upload some images here of this card. I have been an Outbound 125 owner for many years, specifically a 125 owned by Don Crabb which I belive may have been a review unit. Since he has passed, I poked around and it appears he used it for several months. When I bought it I inquired about any Mac that may have been with the laptop, sadly no one knew and Don's wife was not doing well. So I pushed no further. Since then I have been looking for the host card. They seems to be incredibly ellusive. A few weeks ago I was selling some Outbound stuff on eBay and Tom and I ended up messaging back and forth, discussing the card which of course at the time I lacked. Coincidentaly about week later I saw some compact Macs for sale locally and noticed a cable coming out of one. The end connector looked all too familiar, just like an Outbound SCSI host cable. I decided to take the gamble and scoop it up, another Plus (like I dont have enough of those already). I had no clue if the cable was Outbound related or even if the card it was connected to was still inside. Well, I lucked out! Intact cable and card! I have not had a chance to test it yet but I will this weekend. Of note, there is more than just a card and cable. The proper setup will also include a bracket to support the cable which attaches to the metal chasis of the Mac and a pressure pad that goes between the Outbound board and chasis - presumably to prevent the card from lifting off the motherboard.

Printable Apple Disk II Sleeves

Here are the "production ready" Disk II sleeves for your 5 1/4" Disks!

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Custom Enclosure - Floppy Emu

Hi All,


I had an old Disk ][ case with nothing inside and I also had a floppy emu….. the result was inevitable :)



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