The Best Keyboard??

I spilled some water on my keyboard this morning and it $hite th bed. now I'm back to the OEM apple board that came with my G4. is there a place out there that has a review of keyboards out on the market that have features that work with a Mac? I had a micro$oft ergonomic Keyboard (the one that crapped out) I liked it a lot, but I don't have to have ergo again (but its nice, I have big hands) Do you guys have any favorites or recommendations?

Java Classes

I just started a Java programming course, and I want to install some new classes to use in my programs. How and where do I install the .class files? All I have is a folder full of the .class files and the documentation.

Backup Solutions

To coincide with moving our office to new premises I'm having to upgrade our file server at work. We currently work from a single shared 40Gb drive accessible from all our machines as 'O Drive'. Due to various factors I've had to increase O Drive to two 200Gb IDE HDs in a RAID 1 config. Moving offices has been penciled in as the ideal time to do the hardware upgrade.


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