Keyboard Hack

I just bought a powerbook g4 keyboard off of eBay, and I am working on converting it into a wireless keyboard (bluetooth or Rf). I know this will be a hard task, but I am willing to buy an existing wireless keyboard for parts.

Mac Classic Mod/Hack

I have now installed an led fan and a cold cathode tube above the front vent, projectnig a nice blue hue onto my keyboard. Im settign it up as a webserver when I can get the TCP settings to work with my router.

Color OneScanner Software

I got a new Color OneScanner 1200/30 from my school, and after about an hour of Googling, I installed the Scanner 4.x driver and the AppleScan chooser extension. I also put the ColorOne plugin into PhotoShop 5.5, but with no luck. I need to know where I can get drivers for this thing (if someone has the software that came with the thing, I'd love a copy) and I need to know what software I should look for to get this thing to work. Looks like I'll need to find myold copy of Ofoto 3.1.



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