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Election 2006 Observation

So... the Democrats have won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

As I was flipping around the talk radio stations, listening to the various stuffed shirts and talking heads bemoan or celebrate the election results, I happened across the local classic rock station playing "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who...

Rest in Peace, Frodo...

Frodo passed on October 24, 2006. He lived a long rat life... the equivalent of 100 human years. He will be missed.

How and Why Canon fixed my PowerShot A60

I just wanted to post this little bit about Canon, because you rarely see people go on and on about something GOOD that a company has done. Canon has treated us very well. I like my PowerShot A60 and can now continue to use it.

Merry Unbirthday To Me!

But there are fourteen hundred and sixty unbirthdays.

Dallas ComicCon

JAMES O'BARR?!?!? The guy who wrote/illustrated/created "The Crow"! Oh yeah... we were going to this, and I was going to get him to sign my book.

Rest in Peace, Samwise...

Samwise passed away Jan 4 2006. He was a bit of a nibbler, but he was a cute lil bugger.

"You'll shoot your eye out..."

Those words of warning to young Ralphie Parker in "A Christmas Story" flashed through my mind today...

Movie Review: Serenity

Scott Kurtz has T-shirts for sale that state: "JOSS WHEDON IS MY MASTER NOW"... and for good reason.

Screaming Bridge

I've decided to post some local Texas ghost/paranormal/weird stories...

There's a haunted place in Arlington - the city where I grew up - that is still haunting people to this day...

Screaming Bridge.


Not that there's anything wrong with the Applefritter Blog setup, but I am trying to determine if I am going to keep up with a blog on a regular basis.

My wife has a LiveJournal, and I have set up a Blogger account. I'm kinda diggin it, especially since I can customize the look and layout of the blog.


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