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Buying and Selling:

Sold Duo 2300c and DuoDock to OrionGraphics. Initially, there was some postal screw up with the delivery of the first money order he sent (it just never showed up - totally not his fault), and I got kinda pissy about it. He sent another money order, which I did recieve. After apoligizing for being an ass, I sent the computer with insurance and signature confirmation.

1st of a few updates....

Whether you guys care of not, here we go:

This is the oddest summer weather that I have ever lived through. I have lived in North Central Texas my whole life, and I can't remember a time when the average summer temperature was 85 degrees. Usually, the average for the traditional "summer months" (June, July, August) is about 97 degrees. Keep in mind, though, that "summer" here begins in late April and goes all the way to mid-October in a normal year. This year, though, we had one day that knocked on the door of the century mark, and that was in early June. Since then, we've had front after front cooling us off. There were a couple of days at the end of July and beginning of August that I woke up to 65 degrees.


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