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Another error in Automator no one else has had

The error is logged to the Console, while running an Automator action "Add Watermark".

"WaterView: unable to create image source from " and then the URI to the image.

This was because I had moved the .jpg that it was looking for. However you have to have the console open to see this error. This is not handled properly.

Mac Projects- YellowDogLinux on Powerbook G3 Wallstreet

All seems to be well in Powerbook land, because I wisely chose YDL 3 for this machine. There is a posting on the YDL forums at www.yellowdog-board.com about installing YDL 4.1 onto the Wallstreet (Powerbook G3 Series). But it requires a customizes kernel from shiner.info (thats the Apple Network Server) and much fiddling. I'm a little worried that it will render my installation inoperative, but I'll try it if I ever have to reinstall.

During the install I missed a partition but VoX helped me edit my /etc/fstab to get it back. Thanks again VoX!

InDesign weirdness

The most helpful error message is:

"Internal Error"

What are you supposed to do now?!


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