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Books I gots 'em yes I dooooo.

I was mooching around the local Godwill store and I found a stack of books for programming 6800 macs. Kind of cool may try my hand at this if I don't run into anyone who wants them.

Programming C on the Macintosh

Arg I wanted to cry and whine

I was at REPC yesterday. Someone brought in a Beige G3 tower, monitor, and all the baic other stuff. He wanted to sell, they weren't buying, so the guy paid them $16.25 to take it off his hands.

Stupid me == Afraid to ask him to sell it to me instead for $20.00.

And yet, they are selling much less nice boxes for 50 bucks!
If they dropped the price a bit I'd buy one! Admittedly I only want to pay $20 bucks but still they won't have to pay to send it to the dump.

Duo Blues

It turns out I don't *have* to have the top or the bottom of the dock,
just the weirdy midling bit.


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