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I did an experiment, just for fun: I made the famous and venerable Chatbot ELIZA (originally written in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum, in the version for INTEGER BASIC for Apple-1) chat with OpenAI ChatGPT available on BBS bbs.retrocampus.com.
The criteria/constraints were:
  • Apple-1 starts first, since it asks a question at start-up, the other Chatbot answers, the answer is sent to Apple-1 which answers in its own time, and so on.
  • ChatGPT is very verbose and the instruction to give short answers was useless, so often the text to Apple-1 is cut off. It must be said that Apple-1's keyboard buffer is also only 127 bytes, so we have to accept that.
  • No such problems with ELIZA running on the BBS itself, on the other hand.
I leave the judgments to you, in my opinion ChatGPT remains quite passive, while ELIZA tends to be more concise and sassy, especially with her counterpart running on BBS.
I admit that for a moment I feared the two machines would start talking to each other in an unknown language, a bit like in the 1970 Sci-Fi movie "Colossus: The Forbin Project"... fortunately it didn't happen.
Here is the video, enjoy! :-)
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The experiment to make one chat program talk to another was already done in 1972, between DOCTOR ("ELIZA") and PARRY.

This test was published as Internet RFC 439. You may be wondering why: it was also a test of the Arpanet as the two bots were running on computers on two different campuses, and the conversation was monitored from a third.


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