Pizzabox LC case types

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Pizzabox LC case types

Just curious about case types people may have seen on LC Pizzabox macs.

So far I know that:
LC's came in the pizzabox case with a groove all the way across the front, and 2 floppy slots.

LC2, LC3 and LC475 (plus their performa versions) came in both the grooved front with single floppies, and the ungrooved front with manual inject floppy (with the fishmouth cutout like powermacs)

and Quadra 605s had their own case all together.

Anyone else seen others, and have photos of which were which? I've -heard- but not seen, about Q605s in the older style cases.


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European versions of LC 475 a

European versions of LC 475 and Performa 475 were sold in a Quadra 605 case. BTW the bottom of the case is perfectly interchangable between the Quadra 605 styled case and older LCs.

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It's twoooooo, it's twoooooo! I just can't decide which looks more like gomer and which one looks like goober! I've got a monofeet impaired 605 with a MASSIVE overbite problem and sneering buck-toothed 475 that lkooks too sleepy to get around to using his new '05 modded fleetfeets! The portrait doesn't wanna have anything to do with these two bumpkins!


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Two kinds of LC's

I have seen LC's with only one floppy slot, like the LC II's and III's with groove. I have one in the basement now that I think of it, no pictures though.


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Quadras in monofeets

Somewhere along the line I'd convinced myself that Quadra 605s had the same case as the 475. It wasn't until I started posting here that I saw the 605's unique case.

I have a sneaking suspicion that at least some Canadian 605s were sold in the 475 shells.

But my own 475, the other two 475s I've owned, and my LC II (which came with a surprise Warp '030 accelerator) all came to me in their respective standard cases.

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good spot

Sorta off the subject, but... years ago, an evil Mac salesman threw away a perfectly good Performa 400, which I snatched and used for gaming with those early mac games. Now, all I use it for is a throne for my 12" Powerbook G4... it is a perfect seat and puts the keyboard at just the right angle.

I've been thinking about a hack... I've always like the box that old AppleCD SC came in, I thought I might stick the mobo in there and even try to squeeze a CD rom in as well... but its just too weak of a computer to bother with... anyone know if the LCIII+ has the same mobo form factor?

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