Reset fault

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Reset fault

Now my Apple1 is still abnormal.

After resetting \@ 

Not like in the manual



My DRAM is all cold like iron blocks, I suspect that my DRAM is bad.


Is there any simple way to check DRAM's good or bad?

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Please provide more information ....

... such as if the Wozmon 'hangs' after that or if you can type stuff and it will appear on the screen.


If you can type stuff and it appears, the fault is in the "Terminal Section".


Otherwise, the fault is in the "CPU Section", and then look here:


- Uncle Bernie


P.S.: Checking the DRAMs is easy if you have PROMs with the diagnostic page I wrote. Otherwise checking the DRAMs is impossible because unless it's a 'soft bit error' the Wozmon will crash before you can even load a DRAM test program.

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