APPLE II, Multiple Memory, Multiple Cards?

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APPLE II, Multiple Memory, Multiple Cards?

I have an ACE 1000 with 16k, no cards at all just the

body and a composite green monitor.

I have a 16k card I won off of ebay. Can I install multiple

cards to eventuallly raise the memory to 48k?

The reason I am asking is because the APPLE II required

specific cards to be in specific slots, thats why I am

wondering if this is possible?

I am trying to build this machine into a usable computer.


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Cards, Clones and stuff.....

You may want to refer this question to the
Apple Clones site at
and possibly Ernest may be able to get an
answer for you. I do know that the Franklin
was supposed to be a straight-up copy of an
Apple, but I have never seen one in the

Ernest also has access to the designers of
Franklins as well as a good knowledge-base
on clones in general.

Hope this helps.

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