QS 933 OS X 10.2.8 woes

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QS 933 OS X 10.2.8 woes

As the title states, I have QS (2002 model) 933MHz, with 758MB RAM, running 10.2.8 of a 40GB Maxtor drive (purchased in 2001) and OS9 from the stock 60GB IBM drive, and I'm having problems.

Originally everything was fine (except for the long beach ball spinning when waking up from sleep). Then one day the computer was on when the electricity went off the whole neighborhood. After that, the computer took a long time to boot up (the gray spinning wheel) when booting into OS X but not OS9 (it was running OSX when the power got cut off).
I have tried everything that I can think of to fix this (fix permissions, MacJanitor, Onyx, rebuild the desktop, CUDE button) but nothing seems to work. I'm not really surprised since it looks like the computer is trying to do something during this "extra" startup time (looking for a network drive or trying to start some "serive").
Then recently, the computer has started to freeze during startup from sleep in OS X. This only happens once in a while, and as far as I can tell the HD did spin up (I'm not really sure since there are two of them there). On reboot from these freezes the Maxtor with OSX is not recognized so it boots into OS9. From there I try to fix it through Disk First Aid, it fixes something, but complains that it didn't fix everything. But on reboot from OS9 the Maxtor is fine.

So, do I try to fix all these problems or just get a cheap 160GB drive and Panther and forget about it?



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Get Panther. You will find i

Get Panther. You will find it much faster and more reliable than 10.2. Personally a lot of my problems were solved with the upgrade to 10.3 plus, it runs MUCH smoother and faster than 10.2

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