For Sale or Trade: Various Apple Mac Computers and Parts

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For Sale or Trade: Various Apple Mac Computers and Parts

For Sale or Trade: 3 Boxes of Mac Stuff

I recently received three large box of older legacy Mac equipment. I've taken what I need from it, and am giving parting with the rest. These boxes are extremely heavy, and I'd like to them go to a good home. My girlfriend was not pleased with this acquisition, and I just don't have the space to store all of this stuff. Frankly, I didn't realize just how much stuff I was getting!

The condition is that you pick it up and take it all. I'm in Providence, Rhode Island.
Please keep in mind that most of this equipment was received today, and remains untested. Here are some of the things included:


Power Mac 8500/120 -- This does work, except for the sound it seems. I have a dual boot of MacOS 8.5.1 and BeOS 5 Professional.
Powerbook 5300c. This actually wasn't a part of the recent acquisition, and has been mine for years. Works perfectly besides a broken keyboard, and clicker. Otherwise perfectly functional, and cosmetically beautiful.
Power Mac 7100/80
Performa 636CD with TV Tuner card and apple remote
Mac Classic
Powerbook Duo 250 with Mini Dock, External Floppy, many many Batteries
Powerbook 170


Wacom Digitizer II
Various Computer Speakers, including a set of Harmon Kardons from a Dell
Color Style Writer 2400 (with manual)
Big DuoDock
1 USR 56K Modem
2 Supra 28.8 Modems
Logitech Black and White QuickCam (Serial)
Apple S-Video / Serial Port Camera (color)
Bunch of ADB keyboards, including the "Apple Split Keyboard"
Various ADB Mice
PC Monitor adapters (with the switches and dials)
Fuji DS-7 Digital Camera
Large 8? Port KVM for apple adb computers
tons of older software (photoshop, virtual pc, and many others)


Portable B&W Television
Ethernet, Phone, and Power Cables
FriendlyNet and local talk cables/connectors
Asante EN/SC Ethernet/SCSI connector to get old macs on ethernet
Sony camcorder

Thanks for reading so far, and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

As far as trading goes. I would trade the whole lot for anything Apple related that is interesting, remotely modern, or any working Apple Newton 2000 or 2100. I'd be interested in other Mac computers, or parts. I'd love some pieces from the 20th Anniversary Mac, but that is probably unlikely. I'm also very interested in getting an Airport Base Station. So, let me know what you have in trade. Either that, or the best offer takes it all.

This would have to be local, as shipping this would cost an arm and and leg. Possibly even two arms and two legs. Wink

If interested, please e-mail me at or PM me here. Thank you!


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How much...

How much for the 8500 system and the 5300 laptop

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Hello. Still got the mac cla

Hello. Still got the mac classic? I would be interested in that for my


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All of this stuff is long gon

All of this stuff is long gone. Sorry.

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