Question on 2k or 4k refresh rate memory, does it really matter?

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Question on 2k or 4k refresh rate memory, does it really matter?


that's something I've been wallowing in for a while now... can't seem to really get to understand it fully - what's the big difference between 2k and 4k refresh rate memory modules in regard of performance in a 68k Macintosh? I'd like to upgrade the memory in my mac and I've read about those two types of mem but don't really seem to get which one's superior, if at all. Is there actually a noticeable difference between those modules or does it not really play a huge role in an, well, "aged" mac? Which one would be good on an LC575? Hope there's someone that could help me out with that, cheers!

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No different in practice

In my experience, and from what I've read, there should be no differnce in performance or stability in a 68k Mac.


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LC 575 Memory

I have an LC575 that shipped with a 4MB double-sided SIMM in it. When I tried to upgrade the memory, the LC575 would not boot with any SIMM that was not double sided. Instead, it greeted users with the always fun and often titilating chime of death.

Anyway, after trying numerous SIMM's in the old LC575 without any luck, I noticed that my Performa 5200 had an 8MB double-sided SIMM in it and swapped it into the LC575 with success. Strangely, all of the SIMM's that would not work in the LC575, will work in the Performa 5200.

Is it just me or is there something screwy there?


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