Write to disk on Apple IIc. No DOS.

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Write to disk on Apple IIc. No DOS.

So I've got my Apple II running wonderfully on the TV, and have played a bit with apple assembly and what I believe to be AppleSoft BASIC. Whatever is onboard. Anyway, I've left all my disks several hundred miles away (I'm home from college for the summer) and don't have a copy of any OS with me that would work for this. Does anyone know how I can write to disk? I'd really like to be able to save stuff I write without leaving the computer on. Is a copy of DOS essential for this? I suppose DOS does it without another system giving it calls.. do I just need to figure out how to write my own OS for the II?


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Yes, you need an operating system

Yes you need an operating system. Which I think would be fairly problematic to write by yourself. I suggest getting ahold of a disk with DOS 3.3 or ProDOS8 on it, and a manual to use either one. ProDOS8 is most like modern OS's in it's file structure. You could probably have a disk with either OS shipped from home, buy one from Syndicomm or Ebay.


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If you Hava an X86 computer a

If you Hava an X86 computer and a nullmodem cable you can use ADT to get a os on a floppy disk


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