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does anyone know what kind of things the 65c02 or 6502 chip was used for besides computers, or does anyone have a list?

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Honeywell uses them in their XLS H/V/AC controllers. They also use them in their fire alarm panels. The things are clocked about 3MHz iirc. With a total of 16KB's on their earlier model. I think it was upped to 24KB and then they replaced them with the XLS-5000 and use the 68000(68K) processors with 128KB's memory. My dad programs these things and they are a PITA to work with in that small memory. Who says that 'tight programming habits' aren't alive today?

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actually they were used as di

actually they were used as disk controllers, too (for commodore at least) but I guess that still counts as a computer.

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Both the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System used processors based off of the 6502.

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