how to disassemble indigo clamshell

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how to disassemble indigo clamshell

Sorry to ask such a nube question, but I don't usually work on these new fangled things. Can anyone point me to an exploded views type thingy for the firewire clamshell? Or just real good directions? The goal is to put in some ram and maybe replace a hard drive. Thanks -- much appreciated!

Oh and as long as I am asking -- the indigo will accept a 512 pc133 sodimm, right? Hopefully?

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as far as PC-133

I have tried it and it works in both the models I have used. I don't think it has the limit that apple says it is. Also, looking at MacTracker, it says that the "Actual" ram limitation is 544 (32MB model) or 576 (63MB model) The ones I tried it on, were the blueberry models and it worked fine.

BTW: I PM'd you...

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