Mac OS 6.0.5 and 8.0

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Mac OS 6.0.5 and 8.0

Closet cleaning again and came across a couple of boxs of floppys. One set OS 8.0 on floppy disks. These were new when I got them (unopened) and I used them to install 8.0 on my 520c Powerbook and I have a set of OS 6.0.5, I thought they were 7.5 until I tried to use them and the computer told me it could not run 6.0.5 cause it was not for that computer (Qudra 800).
selling for $15.00 per set shipped

one more item a Beige G3 MT power supply, was working at the time it was pulled and has been in the closet ever since
$25.00 shipped. Reply here or PM

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I'd like a set

Id like the set of os8 floppys, do they come in the original box?

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Can you copy the boot disk floppy and sell them to me?

I only need the boot floppy (not the whole operating system)
Thanks, Patrick H

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