Compaq Professional Workstation

A Compaq Professional Workstation 5000. This is an elderly high-end machine that cost me £2. I've added a second processor, two optical drives and some RAM. The case was very scratched and marked, so painted it blue and put blue LEDs in. Mainly because I'm not very good at painting or soldering so I thought I'd practice on this. It turned out OK though. This image shows it with two IBM 9" mono monitors, which is quite fun.

Current spec: Dual 200mhz Pentium Pro, 96mb RAM, 2gb SCSI hard drive, IDE 36x CD-ROM, SCSI 8x CDRW and two Matrox graphics card (Millenium and Mystique, I think). It is surprisingly quick for the spec, so I'm trying to find some more RAM and a bigger HD for it.



Eudimorphodon's picture

I'm impressed how nice one of those old Compaq brown boxes looks with a paint job. It's very... SGI-esque. You should see about fake-badging it with the old cube logo.