does any one have a need for..

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does any one have a need for..

ok so this is just the rage talking, but there is some major hostility going on at the portrait studio i work, all of it over over-time. i am to the point of quiting. but i am trying to rush and find a safety net before throwing my wife and i out on the street. if you have a need or know someone who has the need for me let me know.

wolf camera lab operator/manager (1 hour photofinishing)
graphic designer for travelisp
darkroom tech
digital photo lab tech
art director providing print and web media for the portrait studio
freelance illustrator for mags and posters
freelance portrait and portfolio photographer

remember this is mostly rage and fear talking. but anyone with help would be loved and put on my christmas list.

i hate my boss right now. and have for several months.

peace and love

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Hmm, I've hated every boss that I've ever had...

Hmm, I've hated every boss that I've ever had. It seems they have some weird hangup about people actually doing their work. Go figure.

Anyway, I never ever got much overtime in any of my jobs, but I've never really done much work either. Kind of makes me wonder how I managed to last so long at some of them jobs. Ah well.

I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble at work, but if you can find another job, it's probably better to quit than it is to get fired. I've never been fired from a job. Smile

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don't get mad. get even...

If you make threats of quiting, you must be willing to follow
through lest your boss call your bluff.

If you have any vacation/sick time, start using it. Find excuses to keep your hours down to 40 by calling in sick on the first day or two of your work week due to exhaustion from the extra hours the previous week. This will bear a more critical impact if you are an essential worker in the production and delivery of work to customers.

Also, start showing up to work a little late, 15-30 minutes (something noticeable, but trivial and out of character) and be sure to have a big Starbucks coffee in your hand, like you just don't give a gosh darn. Do not be in a rush to do anything and do what you must do in your own good time. Slow down. If you are paid by the job or salaried then why rush? Your boss has given you no motivation to hurry and does not value your time, so why should you value his committment to the customer to deliver things in time? If you are paid hourly and not paid overtime (and I assume you still get time (1x) past 40, just not time plus overtime (1.5x)) then make up for the loss in pay by adding time. Turn that 45 hour week into 55 hours.

There are three options in completing any job:

  • cost
  • speed
  • quality

Anyone can only ever pick two; cheap work is either slow, or poor quality. Your boss must want cheap since that is how he is paying you, so give him extra special quality and take your time in doing so. Wink You cannot rush art, and if someone tries, ask them which of the three they want to give up. Tell your boss that the customer wants to get the nice picture they paid for and deserves your attention to detail if the boss wants repeat business.

Start talking to co-workers (prefereably when the boss is around) about taking a vacation somewhere or a cruise 'cuz you and the wife are just feeling like you need to get away and recharge your batteries 'cuz all the timeand hours you could pursue recreation are taken by work, which would not be so bad if you were getting paid for it... (and say it like that).

...and if the boss/coworker says 'if you don't like it, leave', stop and stare off into space and try to remember if you locked your car when you got to work (this will produce a suitable 'let me think about that face') and pretend to really ponder this statement like you are taking it very seriously. That reaction alone may catch someone's interest.

...just a thought.

Things are only going to get worse as everyone is going to want a good picture of the kids for Christmas cards and the work should only pick up now through year-end.

Try Monster, it worked for me, and my specialty is extremely esoteric.

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I've threatened to quit on mo

I've threatened to quit on more than one occasion (I remember once in a very public and embarrassing manner) but all that they have done for me is offer me more money to stay!@#? WTF??

Also I noticed a very interesting stipulation on my work contract "The <<name of my organization>> reserves the right to terminate this contract without any prior warning or reason" so by me threatening to leave i think I'm walking a very tight rope.

I don't mind the company just some of the people that work there have serious social issues.

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What city do you live in?

What city do you live in?

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charlotte, nc. i have been

charlotte, nc.

i have been doing the monster and craigslist things for a couple of days. its not that i am losing overtime, its one of the salesladies that keeps getting screwed. shes pissed. im pissed. and all this rage is just based on principle. plus all the other shadey things the owner does. i just need to get out. or he needs to give me a raise and play by the rules properly. he wants us to play the rules...he should too.

since it is christmas time, our studios most craziest and busiest time of the year (i rarely get a lunch brake during these days) and i am the back bone of the studio. granted the boss/owner takes the pictures, but i proof, digital retouch, print, laminate, slice down, and organize. i also perform all the IT stuff in the office too. so if i were to leave during this time of the year. the studio would be so screwed.

peace and love

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You have stayed far too long. Quit the lousy Job and go find another. No Job is worth being that stressed out over. It will screw up your health and it's just a Job. No job it worth it.

You'll kick yourself in the butt for not doing it sooner.

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