Got my hand-me-down 6400/200 online Questions

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Got my hand-me-down 6400/200 online Questions

Well I received my comm II card from the seller and it took me a few minutes to figure out that I had to use the system disk and turn on Open Transport to get online. Done that and it went on line smoothely. I get java script arrors from the original apple home page that starts using the version 2 Netscape Navigator. I assume these problems will go away after I download version 4 of netscape and maybe even explorer 5. I prefer Google to browse with and the speed is every bit as fast as my 1.7 Pentium 4. I will have 136 megs of memory soon as it arrives so this should make a good surfer.

Any suggestions as to what should be added to the system to make it more compatible with the net today is appreciated.
Now that I see it works fine I think I will go ahead and get the system 9.1.

Merry Christmas to Everyone


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NetScape 6 or IE 5.1 will get rid of the java errors when you are web surfing, that is assuming you are running at least OS 8.1

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