how to ask a question...

How to ask a question, by Microsoft. Hmmm... wonder what's next, maybe "How to eat fish & chips." Wink



next thing could be "why does windows get so many viruses?"

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...why is windoze so damn stupid and mac os x such a fine os???

or: why isn't gates in hell?

why has xp so many security holes?

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Hmm, is someone suggesting a new meaning to the term, "the Gates of Hell?" And at what level would this little tidbit in XP dwell at? Right before the boiling sea of brainless AOL subscribers? Has anyone checked W-i-l-l-i-a-m (middle name?) G-a-t-e-s for anagrams lately? "By his hairdo you shall know h(H)im, and by the holes in his OS; and viruses will run rampant over the earth and suck the spirit forthwith from the blind misguided and cause trembling in their questioning minds, and they will seek comfort in His XP, and by his mark you will know them...Woe to those who..." yadayadayadayada. You know the story, or at least, maybe we all should. What was it he's going to call his new OS?

Be vigilant!

Actually, "How to ask a question" might be a primer page for this site as well. Ooops!

well just to proove a point my system was just hit with some spam so bad that it hung the machine... so so sad.. winblows.... now i spent all day yesterday working on my lombard, now ill spend it on my PeeCee .....

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Virus, Spam bots, and spyware are all the crap that I am almost totally deviod of Windows. I'd rather spend the small amount of time once to get a BSD/Linux install functional than spend the time every week to keep a clean Windows system. It pains me to use others Windows machines, such as a 2.4GHz P4 HyperThreaded Dell PowerEdge that should kick my 800MHz P3 to the curb, but for some reason it's all boggy and slow... The differnece between XP and Ubuntu.

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I happen to like my Windows system, and very much. I like to use a little technique called preventative maintenance. It really bothers me when people say things like "Windows sucks because of spyware, virii, etc". If there was to be some sort of Mac virus, I have a feeling we would all be caught with our pants down.
Anyway, I have nothing against Macs. I actually like Macs better. But there are people who hate Macs because they don't know how to use one. And there are people who hate Windows because they've never used it.
Anyway, that is today's rant. I'll shut up now.

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It's the preventative maintenence that is the issue I described above. Why should I waste hours every week to defrag, scan for virus infection, search for trojans, spam bots, spyware and all the other malware maladies that go with running Windows? I don't have to do it on my iBook, so I don't want to do it on my Dell desktop. Smile My iBook has 52 days of uptime, which had been over 70 before an iPod update required a reboot. To really scan a Windows box you should reboot into safe mode, whcih would be every week. Some places recommend rebooting several times and running the scans again between them. That is alot of work just to keep a smooth system. Ubuntu updates the kernel way too often for my likeing, but other than that I don't have any need to proativly keep up wth the latest flood of attacks. The auto update system keeps the security reasonably upto date with automatic notification of bug and security fixes. All I have to do is decide if I really want to apply the update or not.

A for Mac virus posibilities, we've had 5+ years for something to show up, and the Mini should have placed OS X intot he hands of many poor and motivated programmers just itching to get the glory of the first OS X virus in the wild. I won't be suprised if it happens, but I also won't be suprised if it doesn't.

NOTE: The Mac vs Winders virus issue gets beaten to death all the time, in fora all over the web. The general consensus is that Windows requires alot of work and knowledge to get and keep a smooth clean state. OS X just comes that way out of the box.

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Speak of the Devil:

I created a spinoff thread to this thread here:

Check it out, please.

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as you can see in my signature, i have got a windows box too and didn't have a single virus or trojan until now. that's why i'm quite satisfied with my windooze box.

...or maybe it's just because i'm trying to keep up to date with my os software and actualize virus signatures every couple days? or it's because i don't open every crap i get over e-mail and try to be a conscious surfer and don't install every thing that opens automatically via a webpage? i don't know...

but when it comes to handling and functionality, i still prefer OS X. it's sleek, simple but still powerful enough.

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Winblows=a spam storm coming through the holes in XP. I love it.

You guys should come up with a list of these little Windows digs and maybe compose some little tune around them. Luckily, I've had almost no need to use Windows except when I go down and use the Public Library computers. That left click seems so unnatural! But then again, I use my middle finger to do the right click all day in Mac OS, so maybe that's saying something too, I don't know.

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it's really just a game box.

I've got a win2k P4 I use for gaming and duping DVDs, etc., plus Moz/Firebird/FireFox, and no email at all. In the two years I've had it I've never used any AV and never had any spyware/viruses/nuttin'. But then I've disabled every service I could without killing the things I do use. Heck, I shut off so many services I can't even add a printer now, dunno why, though it doesn't really matter.

I just wonder if (diety forbid) were I to use it for email if that would bring my virus-free days to an end? That is, if I don't add any other apps, just an email client (not a M$ product though of course) if I would be lots more likely to be attacked? Are some email clients more/less vulnerable than others (ignoring OE?)

This is all academic, I'll only ever use a non-win32 box for real work. But I'd kinda like to know how, and through what vectors, email usage presents additional challenges.

dan k

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they believe that the CIA or FBI is writing them an e-mail. they believe they have to open that enclosed zip-file. and they do believe everything that this e-mail message tells them. they are stupid!

you can even get a virus without beeing that dumb, for example if there is a wmf picture embedded and you have turned on to show html content of the e-mail...