Software tile for an Apple II game

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Software tile for an Apple II game

I am trying to find the name of a game that I used to play in high school about 17 years ago.

This was an Apple II game that was sort of an adventure game. It involved a society that had some dwellings up in the trees and you could glide from one place to another much in the manner of a flying squirrel. I can't really remember the overall obective of the game but when you spoke to people you could sense what they were feeling which helped you interpert what they were actually saying. For instance, when you approached certain people you would get a message telling you that you were sensing avarice.

If anyone remembers the name of this game, please let me know. If I can peel back the layers of my memory in my mind much like an onion and can remember more details, I will post 'em.

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Would it be "Below the Root" by Windham?

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