Suggestions for a Mac OS X server

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Suggestions for a Mac OS X server

I am looking for suggestions for setting up an OS X server. I was using a G3 B&W but it is a Rev 1 and I can't find a IDE controller that will work to add a second drive. I just want to setup a personal file share server and maybe host a web site for family and friends (no large amount of traffic) Should I try and find a IDE controller or does anyone know one that will work with a B&W G3,

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I have a B&W at home running

I have a B&W at home running as a file server, and it works just fine if you throw lots of RAM in it. Any Mac-compatible PCI IDE controller card should work fine, or you could just buy a Rev 2 motherboard on eBay.

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I've yet to find a second hand IDE controller at the right price in the UK but I've purchased a few PCI SCSI controllers (Ultra 2, Ultra3, LVD) at sensible prices. Second hand SCSI disks are affordable too, but you'll need to do decent backups if, like me, you use ex-server disks that may have a few miles on the clock.


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