Viewing incomming video on a wings card?

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Viewing incomming video on a wings card?

I would like to be able to view incomming video on my Beige G3 via my wings card. I know the beige has the card, and I know that the video out works, but the poblem is that Apple Video Player doesn't want to have anything to do with that card, there is nothing about it in any of the prefs or optrions (I have the extention installed).

Basicly what I'd like to do is hook my apple //c up to the wings card, and display the //c's screen on the entire beige screen, and I haven't had any luck doing so yet.

Any Ideas? Is there another program I could use?



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my AIO has the wing's card an

my AIO has the wing's card and apple video player. i use it to hook my xbox up to it ant it work's great sept you can only max the size out to 640x480. do you have the retail install of OS 9.2.1. cause that is what you need to properly install stuff like apple video player to use the wing's card.

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I haven't installed it yet, b

I haven't installed it yet, but I've been building up to using either btv or SecuritySpy on my G3MT with the Wings card to have a camera on our cars. I'm pretty sure it's neighborhood kids on their way to school rifling through unlocked cars... Anyway, the AVP should work, but try btv if not.

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