Drive recommendations for a NuBus JackHammer Fast/Wide SCSI Accelerator Card

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Drive recommendations for a NuBus JackHammer Fast/Wide SCSI Accelerator Card

What are everyone's favorite drives for a JackHammer Fast/Wide SCSI Accelerator in a Quadra 840av?

In order of priority my criteria are: available on eBay for around $10/drive, low profile (1 inch, one third height), quiet, 2Gb or larger, and then of course blazing fast which means a 68-pin Fast/Wide drive not just a 50-pin Fast drive.

There are some obvious choices (readily available on eBay, cheap. not necessarily quiet, but fairly hard to kill) like the Seagate st19171W and st19101W but they are half-height drives and a 9.1Gb drive will need to be partitioned to get the block-size down to a reasonable number.

So what's you recommendation?


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Blazing Speed + Quiet + Cheap?

I'd bump up that cost figure to around $30 and get an 18GB Atlas 10kIII. Way faster than the JackHammer or SE-VI, really cool, really quiet. That's what I'd do.

Why bother with RAID 0 when a single, newer drive is cheaper, quieter, cooler, and faster?

With 18GB, there's no need to care about block size wastage. I've got an 18GB drive in my SE/30; 4x4GB partitions, plus 2 gigs for NetBSD. The block size is 64KB on the Mac partitions and I'm wasting tons of space. But, I've still got 8GB free when you add up the free space on the four partitions, so I'm not worried about it. Smile

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