Is there harm in running with a cracked screen?

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Is there harm in running with a cracked screen?

Well, my 12" G4 Alumimum Powerbook took a slight fall... a chair got tangled with the power chord... chair got moved, pulled the laptop with the chord, and >flop< laptop hits the floor from a three foot drop.

Now I have a shatter crack in the upper right hand corner. The rest of the screen is fine. I can probably work around this.

My question is, is working with a cracked screen bad for the rest of the computer?

I know how to fix this screen.. just lack the funds to get another screen at the moment. Smile

Thanks all.

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A cracked screen will not eff

A cracked screen will not effect the rest of the Powerbook, though the LCD itself may degrade further through use.

PS - cord, not chord, unless it's a musical laptop Wink

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