Pismo Picture Frame

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Pismo Picture Frame

I came into a few Powerbook G3 Pismos.. not needing either of them, and one of them being incomplete.. I figured, seems like a good donor machine for a photo frame!

See pictures here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/theducks/sets/72157594510329242/

Frankly, the large vertical "Power Board" limits options a bit, but in any case, it works good Smile

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heh, I'm jealous!

Very nice design and work!

dan k

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I second that...

Yeah, I meant to comment earlier today. That's great. You made it just like I sorta envisioned the one I won't have time to make. I wish I'd kept my Lombard now. Anyway, nice bit of work that!


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Very nice. I wouldn't worry

Very nice. I wouldn't worry about the edges of the perspex, no-one's going to notice. As for the wooden edges, I kind of like it as is. You could always back-paint the perspex gloss white to make it look iMac like.

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