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it's all good.

I lived in New Bern for a while where Pepsi originated from. They tore the pharmacy down where Pepsi was supposedly born. There's just a plaque, and really it's not too big a deal in New Bern anyway. Now, if you're in Atlanta and a diehard Pepsi fiend, that might be different Smile


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Local brewery

Every now and then i will head down to the brew-pub and par-take in drinking some of the local brews at the brew-pub. Stuff from IPA and a special called "The FireHouse" because the brewery was originally a firehouse for downtown Omaha. They have great local brews and it's not like that budmillermilwaukeecrap... This is quality stuff. If you have been to a brew-pub, you would know what I mean Wink

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A well-made cream soda--haven

A well-made cream soda--haven't had one in a long time--don't even know which brand I would be talking about. Dr. Pepper when I don't need a Coke jolt.

Corona! That's the only beer in existence for me. Everything else is raunch. I like Corona because it's super raunch, but tastes like pure beer, no aftertaste, no off taste, and not all bubbly.

Number one drink besides water based on demand: COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!
Can't say I actually like it, but it's like blood.

They say that grape juice is the best thirst quencher, more than water, more than sports drinks.

I'm supposed to say a Mai Tai. They are pretty tasty, except for the damn umbrellas.

So it's hard to say if choice is based on taste, or based on fix. If I were sane, I'd probably say carrot juice.

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I'm a Hawaiian Punch kind of

I'm a Hawaiian Punch kind of guy.


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