pismo memory problem

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pismo memory problem

I have a pismo 500/384 megs ram, 6gig HD, zip 100 drive and of course the very dead battery. The pismo has a few issues, one of them being a bad cpu fan. I ordered one and have installed it. After I put the machine back together and powered it up it got half way thru the boot and came up the black box in the middle of the screen and said I needed to restart my computer.

Of course panic set in. I went back and rechecked and reseated all the connections that I had removed. Restarted the computer and it chimed but no picture and after about 3 minutes or so it gave 3 beeps. so I went back and reseated the top memory chip. Same problem. So I pulled it out and the pismo booted right up. I have a 128 memory chip and tried that one. same problem remove it and the computer will boot right up.

I have a few 32meg ram chips, So I tried one of those and the pismo boots right up. so I tried several of them and no problem but anything bigger and its no boot. Whats odd is that it has worked flawlessly with 256 on the top and a 128 on the lower for the last month or so. Any ideas??. I have zapped the Pram and no change. Is it possable to have a ram chip die just that quick??. I am scratching my head. any suggestions.

BTW yes I was grounded while changing the fan out

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Bad ram, Mrs. Torrance . . .


I had a 128MB in my Lombard that became a 256MB in my IceBook. Go figure. The point is that the machine won't or can't recognize that particular RAM chip. Have you tried it in another machine. And . . . did you do the sort of computing that required all the memory in that chip? Maybe it's been dead for awhile.

As for being grounded, maybe if you clean up your room your parents will let you out again . . .


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