Macintosh IIx Recovery!

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Macintosh IIx Recovery!

**Neither I, nor applefritter take responsibility if you try anything on this page**

So, a couple weeks ago, Something like soda pop got spilt inside my Ix some how, unbeknown to me. So, Being the geek that I am, I open the IIx to make sure that everythign is OK before I plug it in and turn it on. Boy did I get a surprise. The entire i/o shield nubus side of the mobo was covered in sticky gunk. I thought it was dead. So I thought, maybe, JUST MAYBE if the corrosion wasn't too bad, I could clean it off. Heres a little play-by-play of what happened.

One - First, removed both pram batteries, then I cleaned as much soda off the board as I could with q-tips and 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

Two - After talking to Danamania, (My savior, btw) I took the suggestion of lightly scrubbing it with dish detergent to remove the rest of the junky that was visible on the board.

Three - Improvision. After Scrubbing the board so gently it was probobly more like a massage, I was not convinced that the area under the chips was free of the sticky junk. So, I put it through a non heat dried dishwasher cycle with Sparkle Detergent.

Four - Drying. After I took the board out of the dish washer, I blow dried the board for about an hour on high, till I didn't see any visible water.

Five - Drying II. I let the board sit for 3 days in a window on an anti-static pad. Then, I again blow dried it, but this time for only 30 minuets, and on low.

After this, I re-installed the board into the chassis, replaced the pram batteries, and voila! I can not tell you how much of a load it lifted off of my back hearing the board chime.

Most of the credit here goes to Dana. In my moment of Hysteria, Dana suggested that The board could be cleaned. Thanks! Bet you guys never saw such a clean board Wink


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Well done.

Commiserations on the original mishap, and congratulations on the recovery therefrom.

You are now well-prepared for your first encounter with an SE/30, for which, and older Macs, logic board washing is a desirable first step after receipt of the Mac. Soft drinks are not the problem there so much as shoddy capacitor ageing and breakdown. Board-washing has been a lively subject in the 68kmla discussions, as also has been complete replacement of the capacitors.


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dude, tht is great! true to g

dude, tht is great! true to geek form!

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Dishwashers are great. At th

Dishwashers are great. At the school district I used to work at, we would regularly dishwash the old style mini iMac keyboards. The membrane sheets would ALWAYS get stuck together and gunked up after having hundreds of kids using them, and the dishwasher got them cleaner than anything else.

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