20 pin floppy ribbon cable

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20 pin floppy ribbon cable

I got my new floppy disk drive and card. But the ribbon cable has a 25 pin Dsub and a 26 pin IDC connector. MC Price Breakers is where I got it from.

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couple things...

You only need to click 'post topic' once.

Second, I am going to assume that the question you mean to ask, but did not is something like "how in the world can I use a 26 pin connector on a 25 pin device?"

Let's start off with our first question to you - have you contacted the vendor for clarification that the items you recieved are in fact the right parts?

If you have, my second question will be - is there any documentation with this product that may explain what you see/should see?

And of course, the most important question - have you tried the vendor/mfr tech support number first?

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I think we get a lot of multi

I think we get a lot of multi-posts because sometime there is a long delay between the click and any response from the site. I've timed it before and it's exceeded 20 seconds often, and even went over 40 a few times. AF is fairly slow to post to at times.

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There are two different conne

There are two different connectors on Apple 5-1/4" disk drives. Refer to this page:
The MC Price Breakers drive controller looks like it will handle the older-style Disk ][ drives with 20 pin headers. The newer (A9M0104 / A9M0107) drives have 25-pin Dsub connectors and need the newer drive controller card. Sounds like you've got one of each - old card, new drive?

(Edit: my counting is off too, it isn't a DB25 - it's a DB19.)

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The card has 2- 20 pin header

The card has 2- 20 pin headers. The drive has a DB19 end. The Note at the end of the card said this.

Note: We have twin HD20Pin Female to DB19Pin Female Cable
To convert this controller to a daisychainable version. Add $2.00

Either your coundting is off or they sent the wrong cable.

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problem solved

Problem solved they sent the wrong cable. So they're sending me a new one. ;):D

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