FEELER: Clamshell iBook 300

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FEELER: Clamshell iBook 300

I am curious to know what my clamshell iBook is worth.

300mHz G3 Processor
3GB HD (Works fine)
CD-ROM (Works fine)
160mb of RAM
Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Works fine.)
Battery (Did take an honest 3-3.5 hour charge, for some reason won't charge. It happened before and I was able to fix it.)
Keyboard (fidgety at times, but working at the moment.)
LCD (a SINGLE dead pixel, blue in color, barely noticeable)
Case (has scuffing especially on bottom, little cracks here and there, stem missing on apple)
ALL ports function perfectly.
AC not included (Just went on me :/ )
Overall functions fine, owned it since April no kernel panics or crashes.

I think it still has a lot of life left in it, I just need something faster.

I was considering $125-$150. Am I being too lenient or too stingy with this bracket?

Thank You,
Mark C.

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I bought one at that price wi

I bought one at that price with an airport card, because I figured I was almost getting a ibook for free lol

I have two ibooks now (traded one--a 366Mhz Ibook indigo for an Apple IIgs) and both are 300Mhz, seem to work well in OS 9 and in linux. DOnt have Panther to try on them though.

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Clamshell iBooks

I can never understand why these things fetch such a high price. I got a Pismo 400 for $150. The iBook clamshell was kinda underpowered, had a small screen and sucks to upgrade. Do people pay such a pretty penny becuase they look cool?

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I paid $200 or so for a pismo

I paid $200 or so for a pismo 400 in unknown condition. It worked...for a few months. it's now sitting in it's fried ROM state.

there are about 6 clamshell 300s on ebay from the same seller, all blueberry. They all started at $0.99, and all but one are above $20. people want these things for some reason. I would not settle for less than a graphite 466mhz back tie edition personally.

-digital Wink

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I bought my pismo (which is the fastest mac I have, and my main computer), under the impression (and the seller's impression) that it was a lombard. I was pleasantly supprised.

I think the clamshell books are awesome, but I really think the prices are inflated for the computer power you get. If prices for the stock 300mhz model would drop, I would probably buy one.

I think wallstreet prices are a tad high too.

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