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Supermac S900

I have a Supermac S900 that is looking for a new home and a caring user.  I purchased the S900 in 1998.  It was one of the last ones sold by Umax.  It has always served me well and is in excellent working condition. Over the years the S900 has been upgraded significantly.  I hope there is someone out there that would like to purchase my machine and give it a great home.
Here are all the details and extras would come with
the S900 purchase.

The machine has all the original items as described by the "SuperMac S900 Engineering Specifications".  The Original S900I/250 has been through several upgrades since 1998.

Here is the current configuration:

The Sonnet Crescendo/PCI G4/800 PCI Processor Upgrade
is running Mac OS 9.1.
There is 1024 MB of Memory.  (8 x 128mb)
An ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition Video PCI Card.
The original 4GB SCSI Hard Drive.
A 2nd 9GB Seagate Cheetah Hard Drive.
An Adaptec PowerDomain 2940UW Fast and Wide Ultra SCSI
Accelerator PCI Card.
A Sonnet Allegro FW400 Firewire Card (3 connectors).
The battery has even been replaced.

Everything runs great, including the Firewire Card.  

(When I was using the machine on a daily basis, I had a Lacie CDRW and 160GB Hard Drive connected, burning Audio CDs from audio files on the Firewire Hard Drive.)

The Original E100 Ultra-Wide SCSI/100Base-T Ethernet Card was removed in order to configure the machine. (I use the 10Base-T port with my DSL Modem and router, and it works great.)

During the upgrade process, a specific PCI slot and card relationship was arrived at in order for all the added cards to operate together.  Here is the layout:

Slot 1 contains the Video Card.
Slot 2 contains the 2940UW SCSI Card.
Slot 4 contains the Firewire Card.  (It will operate
in Slots 3, 5 or 6 as well.)
(I had a MOTU PCI 324 Audio/Digit Interface Card in
slot 3 that functioned perfectly.) 

It seems that the Video Card must be in Slot 1 and the SCSI Card in Slot 2.  It was not a big deal to me, so I didn't rearrange the cards once they were working.

I have saved all the previous upgrade cards and the original cards as well.  Here is a list of all the items that will come with the S900:

The original keyboard and mouse.
The original S900 250 Processor Card.
The original E100 Card.
The original IMS Twin Turbo 128 Graphics Card.
A Newer Technology MAXpower G3 400 Processor Upgrade
8 dimm memory modules that total 312 mb.  (Original 64
mb plus four 64mb modules.)

Other extras (really cleaning house):

A US Robotics 56k modem.
A UMAX Astra 1200S Scanner, SCSI Connection.
A SyJet 1.5GB Portable SCSI Drive (discontinued) with
4 cartridges.

The machine has Norton Utilities 7.0, Norton Antivirus 8.0, FWB Hard Disk Toolkit 4.5.2 and FWB CD ROM Toolkit 4.01 installed and working.  Also a 8.0
version of Conflict Catcher is still running just fine on the machine.

I have all the associated documentation and software CDs and Floppies   I have the original Supermac CDs, the Apple MAC OS 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.1 CDs.  I have the Microsoft Works Software and a Microsoft WORD Upgrade for the Works  (currently not installed). 

The machine is as up to date as possible and runs perfectly.  The Sonnet G4 Processor, the Radeon Video Card, and the memory were added in the last year and therefore are very new.

It is hard to set a price since the machine discontinued.  However, the S900 is solid and has many years of life left.  The last set of upgrades (G4 processor, video card, memory) cost over $600 new and could get over $400 used.  All the Software does add up and the Machine runs great.  Add a monitor (they're
cheap now) and this machine will serve you well. 

If you are a SuperMac Avid User/Collector, or just need a great machine, you can get everything there is for a S900 Machine.

Let me know what you think is a reasonable amount for all.
If you are located in Southern California (San Diego to Santa Barbara), I would
provide personal delivery for the right price.

Sincerely, JJK (send2jjk)

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I would be interested if you removed and sell all of the add-ons.
I am looking for a stock S900 for my collection and have no need for all of the upgrades. You could get more parting it out IMO.

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How much

How much for the system with the video card, firewire, g3 cpu, cdrw, and scsi card.

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Still Available?

I love these clones, they are amazing computers and I've been wanted to buy a stock SuperMac in which I can upgrade it myself, but I just don't have the time.....I want to know how much the WHOLE package would be worth.....i'm just gonna throw 800 out there, just let me know. Thanx.

Josh Gawronski

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