Bush should be impeached!

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Bush should be impeached!

Hey, looking at this 'Fritter thread about the 2004 election which some miscreant resurrected just now (for God knows what gibberish purpose which is probably erased by the moderator by now), it occurs to me that we haven't had an emotionally-charged, educational, volatile, probably eventually gets locked down or pulled, Remembering Outdoors thread in a long time. I think the last was about the Virginia Tech event. I wish I had been around at the time to participate in the 2004 election thread, especially now in hindsight. All I can say is, I haven't voted for either a Democrat or Republican presidential candidate since the '90s and any independent who yells "campaign finance reform" loud enough in my ear gets my vote. Corruption may never have been any bigger than it is now in Washington, and in the slyest way. Well, I'd like to bring up a topic on my mind these days which can be summed up in four little words, "Bush should be impeached!" and well, Cheney too. Or even better, the two should be dragged over to the Hague and let the world cross-examine them. Any comments?

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with more emphasis

I should probably say it a little louder, though:


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On what grounds should the President be impeached?


Please elaborate on why the president should be impeached. Before you descend into madness, Is this going to be a rant about some cartoonish vision you have of the president and / or conservativism? Or is this going to be grounded in verifiable facts and information?

I suspect the former is true.
I have spent a considerable amount of time over the past seven years attending classes at college where I have head little but angry progressive AKA liberal students and faculty spout the whole "Bush lied, people died" garbage. I am sick and tired of a leader who is trying to defend a country from people who want to wipe us and everyone who does not subscribe to Osama Bin Laden's twisted vision of Islam off the map.

And people of your opinion call President Bush a Nazi? The next Adolf Hitler?
Wake up and open your history book. Turn it back to the days before world war II where Adolph Hitler was just organizing people in bar halls and protests in the street. He had no government to control yet so nobody took him seriously. See any similarities between him and bin laden? They both perverted religion to make people join their side and justify what they did.

And as for the war in Iraq... You think it was okay to keep a dictator in place who killed how many thousands of his own people with chemical weapons? And acted in a way that suggested he still had them? I don't know about you but I am annoyed that a jerk like Sadam was propped up in the first place, even if it was against a former enemy (soviet union). The United States was justified in going in and taking this guy out because of this kind of crap. Hell, in my opinion we would have been justified on humanitarian grounds to save an oppressed people, and we should have years ago. So now there is a power vaccum in Iraq. Shound we leave and watch it get filled up with another jerk?

When did the president lie under oath? When did he kill / intimidate his political opponents?

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Hitler and Bush

I'm really not the sort who associates Hitler with any old fascists laying around (in fact I never do, this is a first for me), but since the previous poster mentions him, here's an obvious comparison . . .

In his buildup to power, Hitler derived an enormous amount of financial support from the German (and American!!) industrial sector which stood to gain lots from a massive increase in military spending. Similarly Bush has gotten tremendous backing from US military contractors and suppliers. For the same reasons.

Bush = Hitler? Well, not hardly, but those fascist tendencies are certainly there in the Bush regime. Impeachable for being a defacto fascist? Well, no, don't forget that's what the rabble (that's us) apparently wanted. See my prior thread . . .

In addition (and probably more importantly), the Bush administration has incorporated more industry insiders into the governmental process than any previous administration. That means the folks making the decisions on how to spend your tax dollars, and how to regulate those industries, are much more likely to have those industries' interests at heart, and NOT the US voters' and taxpayers' interests.

Seems like when anger and fear get nice and hot, the rabble do appear to like a nice fascist government to take care of them.

dan k

PS: BTW, I do agree Bush should be impeached, I'm just not sure there's anything solid with which to charge him.

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It's OK... really... calm down...

Really, bro, just chill...

What would an impeachment do? An impeachment is nothing more than an investigation. There are so many Congressional Hearings going on into the Presidents every move, if there were enough concrete evidence of any illegal activity, SOMEONE would have it documented.

Unless, of course, the President gets someone to go into the National Archives, take the only copies of original documents, shove them into his pants and his socks, sneak them out and 'accidentally' shred them with his AmEx statements.

Seriously, right now, if the President so much as breaks wind in a midly odiferous manner, it's on the news. If it's illegal to float a toxic air biscuit, then we'll impeach him. Otherwise, break out the air freshener and deal with it.

Lastly, do you really think that an impeachment would result in a removal from office? What's the point? In only about 14 months, the woman will be President, and we can begin socializing this wonderfully diverse country of ours. I mean, I actually visited the former Soviet Union (in 1988), and I miss that kind of structure, and leadership. I can't wait to be told what to do, cuz Gods know that as on of them-there redneck NASCAR-wathcin, beer-drinkin, full-time-workin, red state imbeciles, I'm too stupid to figure things out for mahself...

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Yurr, well, since 2004 Applef

Yurr, well, since 2004 Applefritter got off the subject of politics, since any attempt at discussing politics always ends in personal insults, a Godwin(in the thread already!), bad feelings and, not surprisingly, accomplishes nothing.

To quote from the Remember Outdoors abstract:

Culture, hobbies, events, and casual discussion.
To discuss religion, partisan opinions, or personal issues, please use IRC.
Off-topic threads will be locked or removed.

This is the internet: It's chock-full of other venues for political "debate."

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