Where do I find capacitors for Classic II.

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Where do I find capacitors for Classic II.

God dang Classic II won't shutup. It squeaks so much, has problems processing things, and sometimes won't even turn on(fan spins, hard drive spins, no display, no startup bong). I know my capacitors are the problem, but, where do I get the capacitors from!?!?!? My local Radio Shack doesn't carry them. If there is a site out there that has them, post a link for me. Thank you.

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http://www.digikey.com http:


...to name a few. A little Googling goes a long way.

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Classic II Capacitors

Here is a link for a site that sells complete capacitor kits:


I just purchased several kits from them for my current vintage restoration projects (including the classic II)!


If you're a newbie to electronics, sites such as Mouser can be  baffling as to correct choice in values, sizes, et. al. The site in the link above has done all the work for you and allows purchase of kits for one to one exact replacements or for kits containing "better" replacements such as tantalum capcitors in place of potentially leaky electorlytics, so if you want to keep as close to original there is a kit, or if you want to prolong the mac's longevity, they have a kit for that choice as well.



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I just placed an order at

I just placed an order at Console5 , though not for a set of caps for a Classic II. I had a list of caps for Mouser's, but they had a few that were on backorder. Console5 was within a buck of what Mousers was and you order one item to get all the caps you need for that board. The only thing I wish they did was send a sheet saying the values of the caps for where they go on the board (such as: C16 is a 4.7 mfd 16 volt).


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