ADT transfer question , using high speed usb adapter to laptop.

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ADT transfer question , using high speed usb adapter to laptop.

hey guys.... I have a ADT question for you , been awhile since I got back into transfering stuff again , but here's the situation.... I have a //e coming from a super serial card , with a nullcable connected to a high speed usb connector . I installed the drivers for the usb connector that I got from . I am able to send floppys from the //e to the PC , but when I try to transfer a .DSK file from the PC to the //e , it gives errors that it cannot open the file. I checked out the properties for the high speed usb adapter , and under advanced , and com ports , it shows the ones that are in use , I try to choose a different port , ADT only gives 1-4 ports to choose from. After I choose the port to use , and run ADT and try to connect , it says no such port! Is there something I am missing here? The only thing that I don't have , is the MS files that ADT suggests to install , but I didn't have the MS files before and was able to transfer with no prolem...

I tried getting in contact with retrofloppy , but I could not get an answer. Im sure their busy over there...

Any how , that's it.. If you can help , I would appreciate any advice..



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Not sure if this will help you or not. Once in a while when I'm trying to transfer disk images from my Mac to the GS I get the same thing. I usually just press return to get back to the main screen. Then I press D to get the Directory listing from my Mac. After the directory is displayed and I return to the main screen I'm back in business transferring II/IIGS programs from the Mac to the GS.


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Patrick - I sent a PM to y

Patrick -

I sent a PM to you. In summary:

Once you're able to send images from the Apple IIe to the PC, you should not be changing your communications parameters. Leave them the way they are for both sending and receiving (once you revert to the settings that worked for sending).

If you're getting errors opening files, and you have the working directory set to where that file is, then we can do some more digging. You can turn on tracing (File->Activate trace), attempt to transfer the file, then turn tracing back off (File->Activate trace again). The resulting ADTProTrace.txt file will be in ADTPro's 'disks' subdirectory. We can take a look at that to see what's happening.

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