Some cool Apple II and Old Mac stuff

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Some cool Apple II and Old Mac stuff

My IIgs finally bought it so I have a few items I would like to sell or trade...

Apple II:
(2) Apple 5.25 Disk Drives (platinum)
(2) Apple 3.25 Disk Drives (platinum)
(2) Apple IIgs 256K RAM expansions w/ one accompanying manual.
(3) Apple IIgs Keyboards (ADB), On one of them the "K" key doesn't work, The other two are fine. Come w/ a few cables. These are not the later type Mac keyboards. I personally feel these keyboards (And the old IIe style) are the coolest Apple ever made. You just can't get quality in a keyboard like you used to.
(1) Apple IIgs RGB Monitor, Great Picture
(1) Hayes 2400 baud modem, one of the old high quality aluminum cased models
(1) GS-RAM, Applied Engineering 1.5 MB expansion card for IIgs. This card will bring your IIgs upto 1756K. Includes test disk and a set of System 6 disks.

Mac Stuff:
Inside Macintosh Volumes 1-7. Softcover, in great shape
Mac (Serial Port) MIDI interface.
Word 5.1 Companion book (using word)
Finale 98 Packaging looks great

Several ADB mice

Make an offer, I'll consider it, especially if you want several (or all) items. As far as trades go I could use:
- Airport (PC style) card.
- Airport Extreme
- Gamecube stuff
- SD Flash RAM
- Hard drives 80 GB or larger, IDE or SATA
- Toyota Tacoma part 05+
- USB scanner

Want pics? Just ask.

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Um, do you happen to have an

Um, do you happen to have an old Apple II PLUS keyboard laying around? It does not have to be functional. I need some parts to fix my keyboard. Let me know what you can do.


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